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This series was born from a challenge set by a call for entry for an exhibition called 'Past Present Future' at the Specto Art Space Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA. The juror statement explained that 'When artists contemplate time, an exhibition is born which surveys our current world, place in the past, and plans for the future in a poignant, if not in a somewhat melancholic way. A divide is created between the warm and imperfect past, and the biting, optimistic future.'. 

At this point I was new to the world of photography calls for entry and exhibitions so was very nervous about applying to any. In spite of that this juror statement resonated with me. I could see photography now being a serious part of my future and I wanted to explore and challenge myself. 


Using these photographic remnants of where I was living, I used this opportunity to recreate the struggles of my past, to acknowledge them, to find the determination to leave them all behind and to finally move forward along this exciting new path.

My submission was successful and this was my first series of images to be juried into an exhibition.  

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